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Hello Everyone!

Hey Guys!

An Introduction and story of me, and my blog posts (Prepare for rambling)

     To get personal information out of the way, my name is Brendon, however, I go by "lumoize" on pretty much every social media and art site. I've been making 3d art for just about 3 years now. My "story" started with a Digipen course over the summer, wherein I learned the basics of animation, both 3d and 2d, and learned the extreme basics of Maya. It was there that I finished my first ever 3d animation, and started my journey on this adventure.

     Before I took the course, I did a small bit of 2d artwork for some small things, the biggest of which was a mod for Prison Architect called "SCP Architect". I won't get into that much, but it was there that I learned how much I loved the idea of game development. Seeing something I made inside a game, controlled by something, and being able to look around the places I make, it was cool. But I knew that 2d art, especially with my skills, would not really get me anywhere, so I started looking into 3d art. It was there that I found the Digipen course.

     When the course started I loved it, and I really started to think that this could really be possible. And the best part, I was ahead of the curve. Because of the time I had spent in Sketchfab for school projects, I knew the basics of 3d art and was able to make some pretty neat animations when I was there. After the two weeks was done, I had finished my first animation. I was so happy then.

     Fast forward six months, and I was well on my way. learning the intricacies of vertex modeling and also learning the basics of texturing, I was having fun with it. It was also around this time that my year two art teacher came into the picture. She let me do a self-study on the 3d art instead of what the other students were doing, and her help and motivation were incredibly helpful during this time. Sadly she moved the next year, so I never really talked to her again. So in this first year, I managed to learn beginner to intermediate modeling techniques (hard surface), and intro to UV layouts and textures.

     The second year, I didn't really do anything. I was busy with other stuff (I was a bass player for multiple orchestras, and was now a Tenor in Choir). and I didn't really learn or make much. But I was able to learn more about modeling and worked on my first real 3d project, a game called Project Veritex. I didn't really do much in the way of modeling, but in this time I learned a lot about Unreal Engine, PBR materials and my love for environment art. So I guess in a way, it was kind of a big deal.

     This year has been one of the most interesting so far though. I got and have become proficient with Substance programs, including Substance Painter & Designer. This combined with my now intermediate to advanced skills in Unreal Engine, has made it to a point where I can make scenes in Unreal that I can finally say I'm proud of, and willing to post here, and I'm looking forward to what the future will hold for everything.

Statement of Intent

I.E What this blog is

     To keep is brief, I don't plan on updating this frequently, but seeing as I surprisingly have a small following on multiple media platforms, I figured it would be a good time to set up something that I could keep people up to date with. This blog will contain updates on large projects and small ramblings from someone still trying to learn everything they can about 3d art. 

     - Brendon (Lumoize)